[listitem]Passive attenuator after the output transformer for maximum tonal variation with transformer saturation[/listitem]
[listitem]10 to 65 dB stepped gain (Line input switch for higher level inputs)[/listitem]
[listitem]Custom wound inductor and input/output transformers[/listitem]
[listitem]Passive ‘Pultec’ type low frequency boost @ 30, 60, or 100 hz[/listitem]
[listitem]’Pultec’ Inductor high frequency boost @ 8, 12 or 16 Khz[/listitem]
[listitem]Two discrete Op-amp gain stages[/listitem]



The CARTEC Pre-Q5 is a high quality transformer based microphone preamp for the API 500 series format that incorporates a ‘Pultec’ type passive inductor equalizer, and an output attenuator. The circuit is identical to our EQ-Pre-2A, but with only the high and low frequency boost.

The output attenuator allows saturation of the output transformer while controlling the output level (allowing you to really drive the Pre-Q5 without clipping the next item in your signal chain). The ‘Line’ level switch allows all of the features of be used both during tracking and mixing. you could send pre-recorded sounds to the EQ section or use the a combination of the EQ and transformer saturation to enhance synths or any existing sounds.

In-between the two gain stages is a filter section identical to that in our EQP-1A, to either add low end, brighten the signal, or both.. but most importantly with passive filters to make sure any rebalancing of the recorded signal is done while sounding natural.

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