[listitem]3 Amps available per voltage rail for optimum PSU performance even when heavily loaded[/listitem]
[listitem]Assignable input routing with uninterrupted phantom power for instant preamp comparison[/listitem]
[listitem]Rear ‘Patch’ switches to feed each module into the next to build channel strips[/listitem]
[listitem]Supplied with four free ‘Greenback’ blank panels worth $50 (or foreign equivalent) discount off any Cartec module[/listitem]

The Compère 500 is an 8 slot 500 series rack/psu with a few very cool features.

The internal heavy duty power supply providing up to a massive 3 amps per rail giving users total peace of mind about running combinations of modules from our own Pre-Q5 pre-amp, Fe-Q5 EQ, or from other manufacturers without fear of failure or sonic degradation.

What also sets the Compère 500 apart from other 500 enclosures is the assignable front panel input XLR. This is in addition to the 8 input and output XLR’s for each module slot. Users will be able to act as a ‘Compère’ and introduce the front panel input signal to any one of the 8 modules via the front panel ‘Aux to input module’ rotatory switch and associated +48v phantom power switch. This is intended to provide uninterrupted phantom power when switching to different pre-amp modules.

The ‘Aux to output module’ rotatory switch selects which module carries the output and the audio appears on the dedicated rear mounted ‘routing section output’ XLR socket. This enables users to easily and quickly plug something into the XLR input on the front of the rack (or ‘routing section input’ XLR Line In for neat patch bay installations) and make comparisons with different pre-amps, compressors, or EQ’s. In addition, at the rear of the rack each module slot has a ‘patch’ switch which routes the output of a module into the input of the next module slot to the right.

Each Compère 500 will ship complete with 4x blank modules free of charge, each one will also have a Cartec Audio $50 ‘Green Back’ voucher which can be redeemed against a future purchase of either or both Cartec Audio Pre-Q5, Fe-Q5 or any future Cartec 500 modules, with a total discount of up to $200, ( based on a purchase of any four Cartec Audio 500 series modules ).



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